So you want to write something for toomanymeds!  Or else someone told you that you have to .  🙂 has two sections, a consumer side and a professional side. you will find instructions and templates for both below.

Consumer Information

Drug Monographs

Drug monographs are the central feature of the consumer side. They are so important they have their own page of
Click here for Monograph Instructions

Disease Monographs

There is no canned format for these. Scout out the existing ones. Reading level must be 8th grade or lower.

Non-Drug Therapy

Same as Disease monographs

Professional Information

One Minute Genius

These are usually done using powerpoint and are short , well illustrated explanations of difficult or commonly confused topics in health care

Landmark Studies

These are short reviews / synopses of important trials on ambulatory care. please use the template that you can download here:
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