Ambulatory Care Guidelines

These are guidelines. They are not laws of the universe, they are guidelines. They do not replace clinical judgment, but they are the collective wisdom of a group of experts. You need to adapt them to the patient’s wishes and to the patient’s unique medical situation.

topic description
National Guidelines Website This is a clearinghouse of all guidelines. It takes a bit of hunting to find what you want.
American College of Rheumatology Treatment guidelines for several rheumatologic diseases
JNC VII Hypertension treatment guidelines
Adult Treatment Panel III Cholesterol treatment guidelines, due for an update in late 2010 or early 2011
Chest Anticoagulation This is a collection of evidence based recommendations on Anticoagulation Therapy
STD Treatment guidelines Treatment guidelines for sexually transmitted diseases by the CDC
Community Acquired MRSA Treatment of Community AcquiredMethicillin Resistant Staph Aureus
Heart Failure Medical management of Chronic Heart Failure
Immunizations 0-6 Immunization guidelines for the younger set
Immunizations 7-13 Immunization guidelines for older children

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