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What is it?

Atenolol is a drug that helps to lower your blood pressure.  It belongs to a group of drugs called beta blockers.   It should be used along with diet and exercise changes.

What’s In It For Me?

High blood pressure puts you at risk for many problems such as: heart failure, stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Controlling your blood pressure SHOULD help lower your risk for these problems.

The Good

Atenolol will lower your blood pressure, and there are fewer side effects than with other beta blockers.

The Bad

Studies have shown that atenolol does NOT decrease your risk of having a stroke, heart attack or death. In fact, atenolol was shown to have a 17% greater risk of stroke than other medications in the same class. Atenolol has similar side effects to other beta blockes, but maybe a bit less common. The most common side effects are related to your heart rate becoming too slow or your blood pressure becoming too low. This occurs in less than 5% of people taking this drug. A slow heart rate can result in dizziness, lightheadedness, confusion, tiredness, and shortness of breath. Twelve percent of patients may also complain of cold hands and feet. Like most blood pressure medications, atenolol can cause difficulty getting an erection with this medication, This problem is uncommon and goes away when the drug is stopped.

The Controversial

While atenolol will lower your blood pressure, studies have shown that it does not prevent strokes and heart attacks as well as other medications in the same class.

For The Cynic


The Cost

Atenolol is very cheap and can be found on the four dollar list at some pharmacies.

Atenolol will lower your blood pressure, but it has not been shown to decrease your risk of having a stroke or heart attack. There are better options in the same class of medications that have been proven to protect your heart and lower your risk of death.

Written by Chelsea Martin and Edited by ProfJameson

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