Manage Your Own Health Care

The goal of this website is to provide you with the information you need to choose which medications are beneficial for you. You need to be an informed patient to advocate for your own health care and treate your medical problems in a way that fits what is important to you.So Who Are We?

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  • Medical Problems

    Our Disease Reviews
    are summaries of what modern medicine can and cannot do for each medical problem. We try to be as accurate and clear as we can. The point is for you to decide with your doctor what medicines are worth it and what medicines aren’t. Very often, lifestyle changes have the most powerful effect on chronic diseases.

  • What Your Drugs Really Do For You

    medications Our Medication Reviews will provide you with unbiased information about common drugs, including the benefits, risks and costs. You can request a drug to be reviewed if a review has not been completed yet. We are now offering drug reviews to help you assess your drug list, however, we do charge a consultation fee for that service. .

  • Non-drug Treatments

    non-drug therapyMany times there are lifestyle changes or practical things that can dramatically improve medical problems.The fancy term for this is Non-Drug Therapy We provide information about what works and what doesn’t. Leave a comment on the main page regarding if you would like to see a specific topic reviewed.

    Things other than medications that may help you.

  • Stories of People and Their Medications

    Many times stories can explain things better than dry facts. Our growing collection of Stories of People and Their Medications may help you understand the usefulness of medications and non-drug therapy in a whole new way.

  • Too Many Meds?

    In a Forbe’s magazine article they report an estimate that from 1994 to 2005 the number of prescriptions purchased increased from 2.1 billion to 3.6 billion (that’s 71% ) while the population in the U.S. grew by only 9%, according to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit that analyzes health care issues. Meanwhile the number of per prescriptions per capita increased from 7.9 to 12.4.

    It is our belief that many Americans really are taking far too many prescription drugs. Hopefully, the information on this website will help a little bit.