Relief from Polypharmacy

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Over the past 50 years or so,  our culture has become gradually healthier and living longer.  At the same time,  people in Western society have started taking a pill for every problem, some real and some imagined.   AND at the same time,  we have redefined chronic problems using guidelines that keep lowering the bar so everyone has hypertension,  everyone needs a statin and almost everyone needs one or even two antidepressants.  We have a culture that is afraid of everything.


After almost 40 years of helping people simplify and optimize their medication list,  I decided to create a website to help our over-medicated public understand the benefits and risks of their drugs. 

Who Am I?

We don’t replace your doctor, so you do need to discuss any of our ideas with him/her. We will continually work to increase the number of topics over time. Please feel free to Contact Us to request a topic. We will include humorous posts from time to time because life is too short not to laugh. Our most recent posts are listed below. This new version of the website was inaugurated in October 2020 with zero posts, so please be patient.


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John Jameson, Pharm.D. FASHP