Practical Information for Professionals

Practical Information for Health Care Professionals

One Minute Genius

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One Minute Genius

This collection is really our pride and joy. We have worked hard to make difficult concepts simple. We cover
topics from statistics, to pharmacology, to calculations and more. If there is a topic you would like to see
addressed, feel free to drop a suggestion on the One Minute Genius main page.




Clinical Resources

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Clinical Resources


We have scouted out websites that meet specific needs. You can find the links here. There are general medical
sites as well as sites targeting specific needs such as statistics or drug interactions. If you find other sites you
think we missed, please leave a comment on our Clinical Resources Page

Landmark Trials

Landmark Trials

We are slowly, ok, very slowly, constructing a list of Landmark Clinical Trials. Our focus is on ambulatory medicine and on trials that have changed or defined clinical practice. We try to include a “for the cynic” section where appropriate to describe any major deficiencies or disclaimers that are related to these trials. We hope you find these reviews useful. We are trying to make this a quick reference that may not be available elsewhere.


Drug Combinations

Combination pills - this is humor

To prove that pharmacist’s can have a sense of humor, albeit a little distorted, we have created fictional drug combinations for your entertainment. We hope you enjoy them