Controlling the Cost of Medications

Controlling the Cost of your medications
Here is a basic four step approach to help you control the cost of your prescription drugs. Starting with the easiest and moving to the more complex.
drug First of all look for generic alternatives to your current brand name drugs. Look up your drugs (LINK) and see if there are less expensive alternatives we recommend. If your drug has not been reviewed, there will be a link to request it on the search result page.
drug It may be helpful to explore the $4 programs similar discounts offered by some chain pharmacies. However, it is not a good idea to have your prescriptions filled at different pharmacies, because there will be no way for them to detect drug interactions or other problems.
drug Evaluate which of your drugs you really need. Very often, doctors don’t think about discontinuing drugs. In addition, some preventative drugs are just not that valuable. Again, review the information we provide on this site and discuss with your doctor.

drug Some medication regimens are very complicated. You should schedule a specific appointment with your doctor to review your medication list with the purpose of simplifying it. We do offer a consultation service to review your medication list and give you written recommendations to take to your doctor. Depending on the list, it may require that we get your medical records. Please note, we do charge a fee for this service. You can get more information

Beyond the four steps: In addition to the four steps above, there are organizations like the Area Agency on Aging which will help you with resources to help you afford your medications. Walgreens has a free program to help you choose a Medicare Part D provider that will best meet your needs.

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