Pioglitazone and Digoxin

Dismayed by the lost market share due to pioglitazone’s propensity to worsen heart failure, the manufacturers will be producing a new combo with digoxin called Piopump

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Valproate and Minoxidil

The alopecia effects of valproate seems to have become vexing enough to prompt a combination product with minoxidil. It will be marketed for headache prophylaxis and it will be called … Read the rest

Spironolactone plus Tamoxifen

This combination of course is using the anti-estrogen properties of tamoxifen to offset the gynecomastia caused by spironolactone. It will probably be called Noestrone (Redux is already taken)

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Sensitivity and Specificity

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Type One and Type Two Error

The purpose of inferential statistics is to predict differences between groups in the general population by measuring the difference in a small sample.


  • Blood pressure lowering of two drugs:
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Insulin Dosing Rules

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Power Calculations

Statistical Power

OK, so John Lennon didn’t really write this , but statistical power is a very abstract concept and the ability to “imagine” really helps.

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Antibiotics Simplified

It might take a bit more than a minute, but we have created a powerpoint presentation that walks through most antibiotics and helps you see how one relates to another. … Read the rest

Warfarin Maintenance Dose Adjustments

Simple guidelines

Note: these are for maintenance doses only at steady state. Do NOT use these guidelines for starting someone on warfarin.

INR Dosage Adjustment
Less Than 1.3 Give them
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Millimoles and Millequivalents

Occasionally, you still need to figure out millequivalents vs millimoles. Or you may need to calculate how much sodium in half normal saline.

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