Ace Inhibitors and the Kidney

We have prepared a powerpoint to demonstrate how ACE inhibitors can be either beneficial or harmful to the kidney, depending on the patients physiology:

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Number Needed to Treat

Definition:The Number Needed to treat is the number of patients that you would need to treat to prevent one primary outcome (heart attack, death, stroke, whatever)

  • This applies to
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Absolute vs Relative Risk Reduction

Albert and I developed an acute interest in risk reduction at about 3500 feet.


Example 1A:

  • Consider the benefit of using Coumadin for Stroke prevention in Atrial Fibrillation.
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Thyroid Pharmacotherapy

Normal Thyroid Physiology

Thyroid stimulation and feedback

Laboratory Tests for Thyroid

Total T4 Free T4 Total T3 TSH

4.5 – 12.5 mcg/dl

0.8 –  1.5 ng / dl

80 – 220 ng/dl


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Alligation Alternate

alligation alternate graphic A common problem encountered in pharmacy is how to combine creams or liquids of different strengths to obtain a new strength. We have prepared a powerpoint demonstrating the Alligation Alternate … Read the rest

Atorvastatin for high risk patients and normal cholesterol (ASCOT-LLA)

The Headlineheadline

Lipitor prevents cardiovascular events in people with normal cholesterol

The Facts

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Evils of Pickle Eating-101

Pickles are associated with all the major diseases of the body. Eating them breeds war and Communism. They can be related to most airline tragedies. Auto accidents are caused by … Read the rest