Parasympathetic Physiology and Anticholinergic Pharmacology

Anticholinergic drugs and the many, many more drugs with anticholinergic side effects are ubiquitous in medical practice. The presentation below will describe parasympathetic physiology as well as anticholinergic pharmacology.

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Dopamine and Acetylcholine in Schizophrenia, Delirium and Parkinson’s

Dopamine and Acetylcholine are key players in Psychiatric and Extrapyramidal Physiology and Pharmacology. The presentation below will help to clarify these affects and also help you to remember them.


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Clonidine and Beta Blocker Interaction

The interaction between clonidine and beta blockers (metoprolol, atenolol, carvedilol, nadolol, etc.) is often foggy in the mind of health care professionals. This confusion stems from the fact that the … Read the rest

Beta Blocker Pharmacology

Beta blockers are some of the most commonly used drugs. Understanding the pharmacology is foundational to good pharmacy and medical practice. You might want to start with the One Minute … Read the rest

Insulin Dosing Rules

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Antibiotics Simplified

It might take a bit more than a minute, but we have created a powerpoint presentation that walks through most antibiotics and helps you see how one relates to another. … Read the rest

Warfarin Maintenance Dose Adjustments

Simple guidelines

Note: these are for maintenance doses only at steady state. Do NOT use these guidelines for starting someone on warfarin.

INR Dosage Adjustment
Less Than 1.3 Give them
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Ace Inhibitors and the Kidney

We have prepared a powerpoint to demonstrate how ACE inhibitors can be either beneficial or harmful to the kidney, depending on the patients physiology:

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Thyroid Pharmacotherapy

Normal Thyroid Physiology

Thyroid stimulation and feedback

Laboratory Tests for Thyroid

Total T4 Free T4 Total T3 TSH

4.5 – 12.5 mcg/dl

0.8 –  1.5 ng / dl

80 – 220 ng/dl


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