Parasympathetic Physiology and Anticholinergic Pharmacology

Anticholinergic drugs and the many, many more drugs with anticholinergic side effects are ubiquitous in medical practice. The presentation below will describe parasympathetic physiology as well as anticholinergic pharmacology.

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Sympathetic Nervous System Physiology

Understanding the sympathetic nervous system is critical to understanding the pharmacology of a myriad of drugs. This power point will refresh your feeble memories and make it all clear. The … Read the rest

Estimating Renal Function

For Research Purposes

The Gold Standard for GFR is iodine 125 labeled iothalamate clearance

equation for calculating actual creatinine clearance
The Gold Standard for Creatinine Clearance is :

For Clinical Purposes

Evaluating and Monitoring Renal Function

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Ace Inhibitors and the Kidney

We have prepared a powerpoint to demonstrate how ACE inhibitors can be either beneficial or harmful to the kidney, depending on the patients physiology:

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