Triazolam and Bupropion Sustained Release

The role of the pharmacist is being touted as the key to success for the this new combination designed for the depressed insomniac. The triazolam portion will be immediate release … Read the rest

Nitroglycerin and a Polyphasic Oral Contraceptive

Not all of our combinations are aimed at offsetting adverse effects. This one will be sublingual. In tribute to the dual mechanizm resuting in increased contraceptive efficacy (estimated at 99.8%), … Read the rest

Olanzapine and Phentermine

One of the most creative combinations we have seen, this product combines the notorious weight gain inducing antipsychotic Zyprexa with a discontinued weight loss drug. Patients will still hear the … Read the rest

Verapamil and Senna

The stimulant laxative Senna should overcome the legendary constipating effects of verapamil. This combination is a contender for the “most clever brand name” award. It will be called GoLo┬«

Disclaimer: … Read the rest

Phenytoin and Meperedine

This combination of two old and nearly extinct drugs will be marketed for pain in patients with renal impairmment. We don’t know what the Brand name will be, but the … Read the rest

escitalopram and sildenafil

The claims of Lexapro having no significant sexual side effects may come into question if a new combo with sildenafil is relased. It may simply be called Bonus ®

Disclaimers: … Read the rest

Lithium and Carbamazepine

This combination for mood stabilization may actually be called Offset® due to the two drugs opposite effects on Antidiuretic Hormone.

Disclaimer: In case you stumbled on this post without reading … Read the rest

Pioglitazone and Digoxin

Dismayed by the lost market share due to pioglitazone’s propensity to worsen heart failure, the manufacturers will be producing a new combo with digoxin called Piopump

Disclaimer: In case you … Read the rest

Valproate and Minoxidil

The alopecia effects of valproate seems to have become vexing enough to prompt a combination product with minoxidil. It will be marketed for headache prophylaxis and it will be called … Read the rest

Spironolactone plus Tamoxifen

This combination of course is using the anti-estrogen properties of tamoxifen to offset the gynecomastia caused by spironolactone. It will probably be called Noestrone (Redux is already taken)

Disclaimer: In … Read the rest